Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The newly renovated apartment

The previous image of the the building

"Ondo" (the Karumatero) from Carbon pushing his troley loaded with lumbers

The finished product

The stairs with aluminum skirts

The team for 48 days in Cebu

First room with classic window panels

The hallway

Ground floor

The facade

We were in Cebu for the renovation of the 88 square meter property owned by Roland M. Noel located at the the bonifacio street Cebu City. The team is composed only of three persons namely Jessie Paden (the carpenter), Richard C. Caban (the carpenter), I myself Noel A. Noel (all around worker, purchaser and painter). All of us served as an all around handy man. Since we were an experienced construction builder, we handled every aspect of the construction from designing to electrical wiring and the costing itself of the building. We see to it that we will have a good and presentable outcome at a very minimum cost. The team finished the construction for 48 days only working even Sundays from 4 in the morning down to 7 in the evening and sometimes even longer hours.

The receipts from different hardware companies. Everything is accounted for to the last centavo to know how much we spent during construction. the receipts include meals, airfares.

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