Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My uncle at sixty

My uncle has retired from his private office at the age of sixty. This decision that he made was supported by us, but we are hesitant to this. Hesitant, for there are questions in our minds that needs to be answered, and few of these questions are: who would sustain his daily needs without his job? He might be bored with his life and get sick for he is not use to being confined in his house. These are few of the many questions that arises . We are hesitant with his decision to retire, frankly speaking. But as time goes by, his decision was perfect and just timely for it revealed to us his new endeavor that would sustain not only his daily needs but also things that might come his way for he has invested in buy gold coins . From what we have known collecting coins was just my uncles hobby but it turned out to be a high yielding investment. From this time on, my uncle is happy and pretty much contented with his life as a retired office employee,

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