Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fixing one of the computer units in the internet cafe

Today is Sunday and it is a family day. It is time to give quality time to my family and the rest is for the pending jobs to do. I still have plenty of jobs to perform and I am working it this afternoon particularly on the computer wiring trouble shooting. One of the computer units that the group installed and manages in Panabo failed to run that's why I am fixing it. I have been trouble shooting this unit for three consecutive days already, as a matter of fact i already bought the items needed and replaced it but it still don't work. I think it has a problem on its coin slot and timer device because the digital numbers showed irregular start ups and the coin slot doesn't determines its sensor capability causing the peso coin invisible and as a result it won't give a power to its relay down to its monitor side. I hope and pray that this time I can fix it back to its normal functions.

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