Friday, September 17, 2010

Im just taking a refreshing course!!!

Me and my buddy Jojo went to Wangan testing center of Tesda. We were assessed by one of the horticultural assesors for our NCII certificate (national competency) for we planned to apply for abroad as a horticulturist. As one of the requirements of the ETA agency, we are advised to get an NCII so we go straight to the said testing center which is located north of Davao City. During the assessment, we were instructed to perform a task such as replanting of seedling plants, weeding, sticking, planting the right size and how to handle the plants with care and even climbing up on a tree to cover the fruits with plastic sheets for insect and fungus prevention purposes. The whole day training was divided into two things , first is the actual gardening and second is the interview on the principles of handling , rules... of each task and the farm management, safety of the worker and many more..... We were very smart to answer and perform the task since the task given were all simple and we already knew it by heart since this is our work and our parents thought us everything since our childhood days until now that we have already our own gardening business. I can say that I am a horticulturist by heart. If this plan will push true, I just hope that all will be in place for a better future.

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